The Basics of Journaling for Your Wellness

Keeping a journal can be a simple and valuable tool to solidify good habits and help you in your journey towards wellness. This type of journal is a calendar, an agenda, and a diary all combined into one. Learn more about organization and the concept of rapid logging in order to help you order your life a little bit. You will also receive advice and guidance on how to optimize and personalize your journal to be better suited to you and your needs.

More information on this workshop

  • Cost: 30$ per person
  • Duration: 1 session of 1-2 hours
  • This group is for: Anyone
  • Location: Mind-Body Solutions

You will be provided with materials, but feel free to bring your own to further customize your journal! For more information or to enroll in this workshop, please contact us and mention the Basics  of Journaling for your Wellness workshop.