Couples Therapy

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a process where you and your significant other meet with one of our counselors together in a compassionate and non-judgmental atmosphere. Together you will discuss issues and concerns that have come up within your relationship.

Depending on your individual and collective needs, this can mean learning new tools that help you better communicate, resolve conflicts, and make decisions for your future.

Where does the therapy take place?

Counseling is held in our office in downtown Bathurst, New Brunswick, where our team members will listen to you in a safe, calm, and confidential environment.

How do I know I need or am ready for couples therapy?

As with any type of therapy, it may be something to pursue if aspects of your relationship are affecting your daily life and collective happiness.

If you and your significant other are having problems communicating or hiding information, if there is a sense of fear, dread, or doubt, a lack of intimacy, or if arguments are becoming too common, these could all be signs of a need for counseling.

Ask yourself the following questions to help see if you’re ready for therapy:

  • Are we having trouble communicating effectively?
  • Is there tension or concern in our relationship?
  • Are we willing to make changes to improve our situation?

What type of couples can get couples therapy?

It can be difficult to broach the subject of therapy with your significant other. Rest assured that any and all couples are welcome at Mind-Body Solutions. Sometimes, it may be okay for you to come by yourself. Click here to become more familiar with our team, and when you’re ready to pursue couples therapy, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment.

If you would like to learn more about individual therapy, click here.