Groups and Events

What types of groups and events are offered?

Mind-Body Solutions offers two different types of groups: therapeutic groups and educational groups or workshops. Therapeutic groups will usually focus on counseling you and a group of peers whereas educational groups and workshops seek to teach you a skill. You can learn more about these groups below. Both types of group events are inclusive and open to most individuals. Groups and events are scheduled when there is enough interest available. If you’re interested in participating in a group or event, contact us. If you would like to see all of the events scheduled, visit our events page here.

What is a therapeutic group?

Therapeutic groups involve one of our counselors facilitating a discussion for a group of clients who all share a common interest or specific issue they’d like to work on. The group can become a great support network for individuals outside of the sessions. Unlike individual therapy, you would also be able to obtain valuable information and feedback from others in the group. You can also share your opinions, and together find what does and doesn’t work.

Therapeutic groups may take place at our office, but also in another community space. Confidentiality is important when it comes to group therapy. A confidentiality agreement will be signed by all participants to ensure the privacy of each and every person present.

What is an educational group or workshop?

Educational groups focus on teaching the participants about a certain subject, such as coping techniques or a certain life skill. Educational groups tend to be long-term engagements that follow through an established lesson plan. Workshops, on the other hand, are events where our counselors will present on a specific topic or tool. Workshops are often single day events.

Educational groups and workshops may take place at our office, or at another space in our community.

What groups are you currently offering?

We offer a variety of group sessions and have provided a list of our most popular options below. These options change often, so please check back and also see what’s currently scheduled on our events page. If you do not see a group listed here that you’re interested in, contact us directly and we will see if that group is already available, or if it can be established. To register for an event, contact us and mention the event by name.

The Basics of Journaling for Your Wellness

This group is for: Anyone

Duration: 1 session of 1-2 hours

Keeping a journal can be a simple and valuable tool to solidify good habits and help you in your journey towards wellness. This type of journal is a calendar, an agenda, and a diary all combined into one. Learn more about organization and the concept of rapid logging in order to help you order your life a little bit. You will also receive advice and guidance on how to optimize and personalize your journal to be better suited to you and your needs. You will be provided with materials, but feel free to bring your own to further customize your wellness journal!

Connection With Your Child/Adolescent

This group is for: Parents

Duration: 6 sessions of 2 hours each.

Learn to recognize your needs and differentiate them from the needs of your child! Throughout these sessions, you will learn how the relationship between you and your child is the most powerful and important tool, how to develop better communication skills, and how you can establish a family atmosphere that is based on solutions, participation, and inclusion. Above all, you will learn how to better understand yourself as a parent and obtain tools that will remind you to have fun as a family!

Dungeons & Dragons & Discussion

This group is for: Teens and youth

Duration: Approximately 8 sessions of 2 hours each.

Are you struggling with feeling isolated from others? Want to learn real-life skills in a fun way? Consider joining our Dungeons and Dragons-based group! Learn how to come out of your shell a bit in a safe, judgment-free environment where dice rolls and goblins help you be more comfortable and explore who you are.

Intervening With Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

This group is for: Service providers

Duration: 1 session of 2 hours

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders often seek help for issues other than their autism spectrum disorder. Learn how to foster an accepting and inviting atmosphere for your clients on the spectrum by considering the societal pressures they face, and by better understanding ableism.

Vision Board Creation

This group is for: Anyone

Duration: 1 session of 1 hour-2 hours

In this workshop, you will learn basic goal-setting techniques and self-evaluation tools to help you figure out what it is you would like your life to be. You will also create a vision board and be able to take your creation home with you to remind yourself to keep reaching for the stars! You will be provided with some materials, but feel free to bring your own crafting supplies for an added personal touch.